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Such a beautiful day here at Moose Creek Ranch in Victor, Idaho for a wedding

Posted on: August 17th, 2014
Easy to see that they are so in love

Easy to see that they are so in love


They captured their first look before heading over to Moose Creek Ranch in Victor, Idaho for their ceremony and festivities – their guests were wowed and quickly understood why Nicole and Erik brought them to the Tetons to celebrate .


They hiked, they biked, they horseback rode , they fly fished – you name it they all did it.

Fair to say we will see many of them back to this West Slope of the Tetons that we all hold so near and dear.

Thank you Nicole & Erik and their families and friends for reminding us what a beautiful place we live in.


Just found this great review about us on “From the Knot – The Wedding Channel.

Posted on: July 19th, 2014

Just found this great review about us on “From the Knot – The Wedding Channel.




We looked at five different ranches/spaces with barns in the Jackson Hole/Victor area, and fell in love with Moose Creek Ranch upon first glimpse. The grounds alone are enough reason to tie the knot at this ranch–and make for insanely amazing photo opps. The other sites we looked at required tents, bathrooms, electricity, etc. and MCR did not. It’s setup for weddings and large parties as is. The barn is already decorated (it even has an amazing wooden bar and hay bales for inside seating), and the property alone is just stunning. With the rental of this venue, you are able to block out lodging for your guests and use the entire property and it’s amenities. They have chairs, picnic tables, chalkboards and other odds and ends for use that cut down on the rental costs. Best part yet is that you aren’t tied down to specific vendors and are allowed to bring in your own bartenders and alcohol (which is huge if you’re on a budget like we were). And last but not least, the owner (John) and property manager (Jeanette) went above and beyond in helping us make sure we had the best weekend ever. They even helped with setup, which was very kind. If you’re looking for a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding, MCR is a FABULOUS option!


Nicole Gets Hitched: It’s All in the Details – at Moose Creek Ranch Victor, Idaho

Posted on: July 10th, 2014

Nicole and Erik will be married at Moose Creek Ranch this August – check out her Pinterest and web pages as she has invited us to follow her journey.


Brideside founder, Nicole, is getting married! We already know where she’ll tie the knot andwhat her bridesmaids will be wearing, but now it’s time to get down to business on the planning. So we chatted with the fabulous Emily of mStarr event design to get the details of the big day. Here’s what she shared:

The setting for the wedding speaks for itself…rustic, organic, “western”…but Nicole + Erik expressed that they didn’t want anything to feel too country western. Once Nicole found her dress {stay tuned for the big reveal on that!}, it was clear that we needed a little glitz and glam in the decor as well. So I landed on their theme: rustic glam, whimsical country, organic romance. We’re able to take advantage of the beautiful western features of the venue, while still providing a lovely + celebratory atmosphere for the guests.

Pinterest allows for easy communication with the bride and groom. By pinning a wide range of ideas that originally fit the “theme”, I could quickly tell which design + décor elements fit with their personalities…and which didn’t! The details that resonated most with Nicole were garlands made of greenery and hints of metallic and leather accents. 



What a kind words posted on our Moose Creek Ranch Facebook Page and yes it is Amazing !

Posted on: July 2nd, 2014

These kind words were on our Facebook Page and I shared them here with you.

What an amazing place!

We were guests of a wedding party and loved everything about this venue…from the accommodations to the setting!!

I’d be tempted to marry my husband all over again if I could do it here!

Congratulations Moose Creek Ranch on this fantastic business you’ve created!!


Four Seasons at Moose Creek Ranch in one day for the Esterholt/Chandless Wedding

Posted on: June 15th, 2014
Hot off the press the new Mr. and Mrs. Chandless
Hot off the press the new Mr. and Mrs. Chandless

Four Seasons in one day is not unusual in the early summer. It rained and it poured – we had sleet and hail and then at ceremony time it the skies opened up for this super nice couple from New Jersey and they had a warm ceremony surrounded by family and friends who have traveled from the east coast as well as the Salt Lake City area. Take a look on our face book page of the sweet look she had when she walked down the aisle with her brother and father, there is a special story there. I will let her tell that one.

I have to admit I was a little nervous as they booked the venue a year ago sight unseen and she did such a great job of sourcing out some of the better vendors in the area on her own that I asked her when the dust settles to write a blog entry for me on her methods and thoughts on the subject of planning a destination wedding. They arrived and said it was everything that they hoped it would be -and more –  Whew !!!!

They used Andi Hatch as a photographer who has a residence here both in Victor, Idaho as well in Marin, California  I believe – Andie blends in and gets the job done with some truly elegant pictures. Andi Hatch

They also hired a local favorite from Jackson , Pete Muldoon. A DJ who knows his music and weddings in particular.

They enjoyed fantastic food from Spoons Bistro located in the Old Railroad Depot in downtown Victor, Idaho – operated by a Husband and Wife team – Travis and Nicole – and their knowledgeable professional staff was wonderful to work with.


Family and Friends put together some wonderful flower arrangements and bouquets.


If I do say so myself the newly created team of myself, Jeanette Beard and one of her wedding guests, Char Buckley a former event planner knocked it out of the park with the execution of her vision with her decorations.

It is so nice to work with people who become friends – there will always be a connection there .


Special Moments


News from our Trail Riding Buddies – Moose Creek Ranch is ready to take your horse back riding reservation

Posted on: May 28th, 2014
Moose Creek Ranch Riders Ready to Hit the Trail this Spring

Moose Creek Ranch Riders Ready to Hit the Trail this Spring

Spring News From Dry Ridge Outfitters
The horses are fattening up on green grass, sandhill cranes are prancing and bugling in the fields below the barn, and we are proud to announce the birth of two new Morgan foals. Kevin and I are ready to saddle up and ride into the backcountry. Our Wyoming and Yellowstone horseback trips begin early June and continue through mid-to-late September (weather dependent.) Reserve your spot here!

Scenic Trail Rides From Moose Creek Ranch

Along with extended day trips and pack trips, we offer 1 to 4 hour trail rides on the south end of Teton Valley, Idaho (permitted by Moose Creek Ranch). The trails pass through quaking aspen groves and lodgepole forest, and provide scenic views of Moose Creek Canyon and the valley floor. All experience levels are welcome.
We love families to join us! The minimum age for horseback riding is 6 years old. For younger children, a ride on a pony in the corral is always fun.
This is the perfect option for families, and for those guests with that unplanned, last minute desire to ride in the Tetons!

We operate at this location under Moose Creek Ranch outfitters permit.

Ride With us in the High Country

We travel through some of the most pristine and stunning wild country in the Grand Teton and Yellowstone area.

Trail Rides (1 hour-1/2 day)




Return to Moose Creek for a nostalgic wedding remembrance

Posted on: May 27th, 2014
Returned visit to a special place - Moose Creek Ranch

Laura and Brian and baby on the way return to  Moose Creek Ranch

Relaxing with family and friends at the Welcome dinner Friday Night

Relaxing with family and  friends at the Welcome dinner Friday Night

Laura and brian the glow

Laura and Brian Alward returned to Moose Creek Ranch for a nostalgic trip to the place that together with family and friends they celebrated their wedding week last summer .

Guests arrived and started exploring the wonder of the Teton Valley here in Idaho and then  over in Jackson Hole for more – they hiked, they biked, they rode horses, they shopped – to name a few of the activities.

They celebrated with food and adult beverages, relaxed and reconnected. Friday before the wedding they had an awesome Blue Grass Band _ PTO that played in the barn while guests danced and a meal with family and friends was served outside.  Then they skipped on over to Linn Canyon Ranch on Saturday for a Ceremony and a Reception dinner . They were blessed with fabulous weather.

They are featured in ” A Grand Wedding ” – check it out – many photos were taken at the Ranch. In the hard copy magazine – you would have to request one if you are not local to the area.

I even shot a small video clip of their two guitarist practicing their songs that they would play at the ceremony. I will see if I can upload it for you.

Seeing them again this morning was like a visit with a life long friend of mine and the I hope that is what they are. I enjoyed being a part of their wedding  ( and yes I did cry at the ceremony).

The best part of our visit with morning was talking about the July 22nd due date for their new little baby girl.

I did not think their love could grow anymore than it was last summer when I hosted them at Moose Creek Ranch – but it has and they are so much in love. Many of us know what a child brings to a relationship and this couple will nurture their little one and from time to time bring her back to Moose Creek Ranch. She is a lucky little girl.

They asked to stay in the same cabin as they did for their wedding week – They hiked, explored and visited friends, ate all of their favorite restaurants – a anniversary gift to themselves.

Most of the Brides and Grooms become family to some extent – this is one that near and dear to me. I have a great job when people allow me into what is one of the hallmark times of their lives. It is alot of work but very rewarding.




Moose Creek Ranch is currently accepting booking for 2015 Reunions/Events/Weddings

Posted on: May 24th, 2014

It is not too early to get started booking for 2015.  We booked two weddings today for summer 2015.


We have been getting lots of early interest this year as we gain in our word of mouth advertising and web exposure.


Always love talking to folks and helping with their planning – We now have PDF layout’s to send out for the Lodge, Barn and a Site map of the property that are just updated as well as a Event information Packet.


We are currently hosting two back to back Guide Courses for World Cast Angler and then head into a busy tourist and wedding season.


Life is good at Moose Creek Ranch


Moose Creek Ranch is featured on the Glamping Hub Website

Posted on: May 23rd, 2014

Moose Creek Ranch is proud to have a listing with “Glamping Hub” – they feature our 12 X 14 Canvas Wall tents and how unique they are . Then you can step right on over to our website and explore all we have to offer Moose Creek Ranch.


Summer Fun is just starting to get underway – don’t miss your chance to book before they are all gone.


Relaxing outside a Moose Creek Luxury Tent


Luxury Glamping Tent located just outside Jackson Hole

Another look inside the tents !!!


Old West Day in Jackson are just around the corner !!!!

Posted on: May 8th, 2014

OWDThe Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce is now accepting entries for the 33rd Annual Old West Days Parade. One of the last and best horse-drawn parades of the Old West will take place onSaturday, May 24 beginning at 10:00am

Enjoy mountain men, vintage vehicles, covered wagons, and the legendary gathering of gunslingers of the West. Local businesses and nonprofit organizations are invited to join the fun.  

For more information, please contact Renee Leone, Events Coordinator, or 307.201.2309. View the complete schedule of events at


Swing over the hill for a Horseback Ride and we would love to see you !!!