Meet the team who brings Moose Creek Ranch to life


Just like you, we’re always in awe of what Moose Creek Ranch has to offer. The activities never get old. The views never get tired. And we’re grateful to meet and work with amazing people every day. When you work somewhere like Moose Creek Ranch, what’s not to love?


Longtime Wyoming business owners John and Susan Love and family are the visionaries behind making Moose Creek Ranch what it is today. Not only are they involved in the day to day operations of the Ranch, but they’re integral in providing the high level of customer service and welcoming attitude our guests have become accustomed to.

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Meet the people behind your Moose Creek Ranch experience

Jeanette Beard


On board since day one of the Ranch, Jeanette’s duties range from Chief Bottle Washer to ensuring an incredible experience for everyone from day to day travelers to attendees of weddings and events.

Marty Zylstra

Assistant Manager

An invaluable asset to the ranch, you’ll find customer service is Marty’s middle name.

Elvira Burnside

Head of Housekeeping

Elvira has also been here since day one, and her attention to detail in the rooms is evidenced in our many positive reviews.

Kevin and Deb Little

Horse Back Riding

Kevin and Deb have been leading horse rides for 20 years and have extensive knowledge in all aspects of both horses and the Greater Yellowstone Basin.