Grand Targhee listed at a Top 10 Ski Resort in the nation

May 9, 2017
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Grand Targhee listed at a Top 10 Ski Resort in the nation

Everyone’s go-to source for outdoor news, Forbes Magazine, has once again put Grand Targhee Resort on its list of the top ten ski resorts in North America … at number nine.

With insights such as noticing that Targhee isn’t as steep as Snowbird and that we don’t have the amenities of places like Vail (shocking, right?), the magazine ranked GTR just above Park City Mountain Resort and below Aspen Mountain, Highlands and Snowmass (which were scored as one resort.)

The review also perfectly describes the town of Driggs as, “once a typical western outpost of small, single-story aluminum-sided houses populated by a mix of hardcore outdoor people and Mormon families who had been around for a couple of generations.”

Oh, and they offer plenty of powder-day tips.

“Just make sure you’re skiing fast enough to get those critical face shots that fill up your wide-open mouth and nose.”

To be fair, the rankings are done by ZRankings, not by Forbes, and take in a ton of factors to arrive at a cumulative score called the PAF or “Pure Awesomeness Factor.” Aside from that overall rating, you can look at the specific factors that make up the PAF, like snow.

A much different picture emerges by looking only at the snow scores, and not the entire rankings. Based on snow score alone, Grand Targhee jumps from ninth to fourth with a 92.4.

For the holder of the top spot, and our dear neighbor, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, looking only at snow knocks them off their golden perch at number one all the way down to 28, with a snow score of 72.4.

In short, the ranking won’t come as a shock to anyone who has lived in the valley for over a season: our snow is amazing but we don’t have a Gucci Store downtown or a five-diamond restaurant hiding next to the Kwik Way.

And that awesome pow is made all the sweeter by the fact that crowds that flock to Summit County, Colorado aren’t present here in Wyoming. A fact that makes some valley residents wince every time an outlet like Forbes Magazine lets the rest of the world in on our secret.

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